8 Tips for Choosing a Quality Acoustic Guitar

8 Tips for Choosing a Quality Acoustic Guitar
8 Tips for Choosing a Quality Acoustic Guitar

8 Tips for Choosing a Quality Acoustic Guitar - Acoustic guitar is one of the most beautiful musical instruments created by humans. Various musical nuances are found on the device. Because guitar makers consider many factors to use various wood, hardware, and design elements.
In order to get a good item, when choosing must be carefully so that later you will not regret it. This also applies when you want to buy an acoustic guitar. If your friend is not equipped with knowledge about guitar, then when buying a guitar you can be sure the results will be less satisfying. Well, that's why you need to find references about a guitar. And here is one of them. Also tips on choosing a quality electric guitar to make it easier for you when buying an electric guitar.

Maybe the tips below can help you choose when buying new or used acoustic guitars.

Tips for Choosing a New Acoustic Guitar

1. Adjust the Budget.
Before buying, look for a guitar that suits your financial condition. This is so that you can get a good quality guitar equivalent to your money

2. Type of Wood.
Look for a guitar with the same body and neck wood. Because the guitar also consists of 2 main parts, namely neck and body. Sometimes there are also guitars that are made of different body and neck wood, therefore we must be observant in seeing the fiber and color.

3. Neck Guitar.
Select a straight neck or guitar handlebar with no connection. Because if the guitar handlebar is cracked or there is a connection it can make the quality less good and maybe the connection can be made of different wood. then when choosing a guitar, try to check the guitar handlebar. To find out the crooked guitar handlebar or not is to press string No. 6 fret 1 and fret no. 15 simultaneously, then pay attention to string no. 5 6 7 8 is there a stick with the fret or not, if it doesn't mean the neck is straight.

4. Guitar Body.
Choose a guitar body that has a slightly light weight and a rather thick sound. And also the body check in advance whether there are cracks or not.

5. Find the many frets.
Usually frets of acoustic guitars are 17, 19, and 20. Now when buying a guitar, try the fret up to 20 or 22. This is so that when you play the guitar you can reach the highest tone

6. Fret violence.
Choose a guitar that has a strong fret hardness. This is so that the fret is not eroded by friction of strings for a long time.

7. Guitar Sound Intonation.
Guitar sounds never lie, so try listening to the guitar sound carefully so you get maximum results. Pay attention to all guitar tones by pressing all strings one by one, starting from fret 5 to the highest fret.

8. Stem.
Try to start by trying the part to set up the guitar. Choose the ones that are easy to rotate but which are slightly strong so that when the distem the sound does not change and the stem does not vibrate when the guitar is sounded.

Tips for Choosing a Used Acoustic Guitar

Actually, these tips are almost the same as when buying a new acoustic guitar, only if the former might have been a little less good, it should be more thorough.

1 that needs to be done is to show all the badness of the guitar to the seller. It aims to reduce the price, so it can be a little economical, hehe.

And that's a few tips when buying a guitar. Thank you for taking the time to read my article entitled 8 Tips for Choosing a Quality Acoustic Guitar, hopefully this article can help in the same thing, thank you, Next.

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