Requirements for the Latest Google Adsense Full Approve

In this article, we will discuss the latest ways to receive the latest 2018 FULL APPROVE Google adsense. Many people complain that now the adsense list is difficult. In fact, adsense lists are always easy. The origin of the content and appearance of the blog in accordance with the adsense TOS then it will definitely be full approve.
Adsense received quickly
Full Approve Adsense
diterima adsense cepat
Full Approve Adsense

In accordance with previous writings in the writing how to make money from blogs without visitors, today I will explain a few ways that are powerful enough to be easily accepted by adsense. This article is suitable for bloggers who want livestock account adsense.

Actually, the adsense list tips and tricks full approve are secret ways, but it's not a problem to share because currently the main focus has been to switch from adsense breeders to adsense publishers and build a visual blog.

The way I will explain this has been widely applied and shared by other bloggers. But most of them do not thoroughly explore how to list adsense as will be discussed in this paper.

This full approve adsense trick has been successfully applied in three Resepta admin blogs in just 35 days.

Adsense list experience can already be used as a reference to make adsense blogs that are easily accepted by less than 35 days. The right way to get adsense in this article is quite simple and does not require special and confidential techniques.

No need to write long articles

Immediately, here's how to build the right blog to get full approve adsense quickly less than 35 days.
The Latest Way to Approve Adsense 2018

1. Create a Blog with TLD Domains

The main requirement for livestock adsense is to create a blog with the TLD domain. Many TLD domain service providers are cheap and certainly full control. Recommendations from me can order TLD domains from Exabytes, Rumahweb or Namecheap. Or whatever you think is cheap and suitable for you.

Previously, I wanted to share the full Adsense register approve experience from 2 cheap domain and hosting providers in the country. They are Rumahweb and Exabytes. The first start ordering the domain from Rumahweb was quite expensive, around Rp. 137,800 for the COM domain at that time. From one domain from Rumahweb, which I associate with one of my livestock blogs, I managed to list and full adsense appriver 5 times.

After the domain with 5 full approve adsense from Rumahweb is blocked by Google Adsense, I build another adsense livestock blog. The domain order is from Exabytes, with a price of Rp. 79,000. This price is quite cheap compared to Rumahweb.

The domain from Exabytes is actually not intended for adsense livestock, but more functions to build a brand in the culinary field. In accordance with the belief, I ventured to sign up for adsense using a blog that has the TLD status from Exabytes.

It does not take long, the blog received adsense for the first time. After disconnecting the blog with google adsense that has full approve, I intend to register the same TLD blog and domain a second time. But what happened? Warnings that are familiar when entering a blog URL when registering adsense again adorn the laptop screen. The mind began to guess like Iwan Fals's song "The Pastor."

Why is this TLD domain only able to list adsense once?
Is there not in another example up to 3 times or even 5 full approvals?
Are there different quality domains from Rumahweb and Exabytes?

All of these questions will be answered based on uncertain possibilities.

The TLD domain that is only once full approve is likely not to be listed on adsense (This blog is not available for sign up for adsense) again because of one (uncertain) error that I have done. The mistake is to display google adsense on the blog before registering for adsense.

For domain provider differences, between Exabytes and Rumahweb, it doesn't seem to be a problem, because one of my blogs also managed to receive adsense up to 3 times using the TLD domain from Exabytes.

2. TLD Domain Type

Lately, many offer cheap domains with TLD domains like Tech, me, xyz and others. I can ensure that there must be adsense cattle masters who have succeeded in making successful blog adsense livestock with these domains.

But I myself have never tried a domain other than the Com type TLD domain. Why com? Because I have proven it, less than 35 days after the TLD com domain order and I can approve full adsense quickly.

Therefore, for beginners should be encouraged to buy a com domain that costs a little more expensive than the cheap domains mentioned above. Some say that any TLD domain is actually not a problem, but just in case you should use the TLD Com sa domain ja. It should be noted that the domain of freenom.com has been blocked by Google Adsense so it doesn't have the slightest chance to be accepted by Adsense. Domain Names For this problem it doesn't seem to be much decisive but it's also very important. Make sure you use a domain name that matches the niche you will discuss. Do not let a domain name be different from the niche that will be discussed. The domain name that matches the niche that I will recommend below will tell Google that your blog or website is indeed built with a serious purpose. If you choose a domain name then it is likely full approve still wide open because it will not have a big effect on the full approve status of a blog against adsense directly. But the problem that arises is the problem of when adsense receipts tend to be longer. This is also not a definite science, but for my blog that is listed adsense which is different between domain names and niche full approve adsense period is much longer than registering adsense using a domain name and appropriate niche. Make sure the Niche BlogKey of this adsense full approve trick is in point number 4. Niche or theme that will be discussed on the adsense livestock blog is the key and secret to listing adsense quickly. How to build a niche blog that aims only for adsense cattle is actually much easier than we imagined. During this time, many bloggers who suggested that Adsense could be accepted had to create a truly professional blog. But the fact is there is no need to make a blog like that if it is only aimed at adsense cattle. Here I will explain in a concise and solid way to build niche blogs that are easily accepted by adsense whose articles are not long even can only copy and paste 100%. Niche blogs always focus on one discussion topic. For example, if you choose a niche about business, then discuss only about business on the blog. as well as technology discussing technology. But of course, blogs like that take a long time to register and receive adsense. Even some of the bloggers who are rejected by adsense for registering using a blog that contains rewrite articles that are less than perfect so it is still considered the result of plagiarism that is not in accordance with the adsense policy. I just rejected it outright? I remembered the words of one of the door to door seminars that proved effective in making some people interested in just using their words. He revealed, "If you want to be success, you must be different." Really! Google also uses these techniques in choosing a blog or website that is considered to be an adsense publisher. If only to register for adsense, the only way to get adsense quickly is to create a niche blog that is completely different from the usual. This technique has been applied in 2 of my livestock blogs which also successfully full approve adsense quickly. The completely different niche should be able to understand. No need to be 100% different, but generally still rarely bloggers, especially bloggers who know adsense that makes niche blogs like that. At the beginning of choosing a niche blog for adsense livestock make sure the topic of discussion is specific and not widening. Mistakes of choosing nihce for listing adsense. blogger group on facebook, it can be said that almost everything rejected by adsense uses a niche, a niche in the world of blogging, technology, motivation and business (or mention a niche that has made you get rejection from adsense). Tips on choosing a niche for livestock adsense: For the article different and have specific discussions so use a niche that is far from the world of blogging. One of the niche secrets for listing adsense that is successful full of approvals of less than 35 days is the selling niche. What kind of sales? Selling like a marketplace site, but only selling certain products. For example, choose a niche selling shoes, so make sure you only sell shoes. Blogs for livestock adsense in the form of online stores do not require long articles. Quite a few words that really explain that you are selling by offering products. Therefore, some things that are important components in selling must be included: - Product Name - Product Price - Product Advantages - Product Location - Product Size - Contact can be contacted if you want to buy All the components above are only for online store blogs with physical product selling niches in the fashion category. Create an Original Article If it has to be original, how can 100% of the results copy and paste? Believe it and just follow it! I have given the right niche to get adsense quickly on the fourth point above. To get articles from niche blogs as they have
mentioned with 100% paste copy results are very easy. You only need to visit the biggest marketplace sites in Indonesia such as Shopee.co.id and others, and take pictures of each seller's post on the site. The article can also come from the seller's explanation of the product or from the buyer's review. Copas from the marketplace site can be posted directly to the blog, but it will be better if you add a little flavoring that is usually used by sellers (words of ado to explain the advantages of the product that you offer). Niche selling online special clothing products - Niche selling online car products - Niche selling online motorbike products, and other objects that are still very new for adsense bloggers - Niche on Cuisine Recipes - Niche about Cake - Niche Recipes on Brownies Recipes - Niche selling properties All the niche, the article is very easy to get. For example, for niche blog recipes there are thousands to millions of recipes circulating on facebook / Tips for niche blogs in the form of articles. After the best blogs and domains from you are ready, then is to create articles for that blog. One of the problems that some bloggers fail to get adsense is because the articles on their blog are copy and paste without any attempt to write original articles. So, the original article is the main requirement number 2 after the TLD Com domain. For each article, I recommend always having over 300 words. Just in case, you should blog at least 30 original articles to ensure that the blog will be 100% approved by Google Adsense without encountering rejection.6. Submit Webmastercara submit webmasters Article Index by pixabay pictures For a new blog, you are strongly advised to submit to the webmaster. Simply submit all required url, such as page url like about, disclaimer, privacy and policy, and others. Don't forget to submit to the google webmaster every article you just published from the adsense livestock blog. To submit to webmasters, it's not too difficult. Just copy the URL on the blog that will be submitted and enter the webmasters box. Chapta verification correctly so that the process of submitting the article is successful. Many use certain tricks so that their articles can be indexed on Google quickly. But there is no need to use such difficult tricks. Just submit the newly created article and wait for the indexing process without thinking about how fast the URL will be indexed. One of the things that will speed up the index process on the Google search engine is to diligently post articles. However, for blogs that will be built not for adsense livestock, you should not post articles that are not valuable at all because they can damage the reputation of the blog and only spend a lot of time. This can be seen on blogs like GuideIM which only has a few content but still exists on the google page one. Blog Information Information blog that I mean related to the attributes that exist on the blog. Attributes that must be available to be quickly exploited by Google Adsense are: - about, - contact, - privacy and policy, - disclaimer, - sitemap, - FAQ All navigation above includes the main navigation that will make it easier for visitors to blog. If one of the above navigation does not work or has a link error (#) then you can be sure that you will get faster e-mail from google adsnese, but unfortunately the e-mail is an adsense rejection e-mail. Many bloggers misguided the adsense rejection e-mail. They buy adsense rejection emails with special rejection notifications such as unclear navigation. In fact, if you want adsense livestock then the only thing to do is create a niche blog that adsense will not be rejected for any reason. Many adsense breeders buy gmail accounts with special notifications regarding adsense rejections which actually do not give any effect to adsense. I am not mistaken, so it is likely that the breeders were not aware of something. Actually we can use fresh e-mail without rejection or with a rejection e-mail for any reason to receive adsense on a blog that had already been received before. When entering the blog URL when first listing adsense, we can enter any URL if you only want adsense rejection. The main purpose of the Adsense rejection e-mail is to be verified again after the full AdSense adsense blog URL has been successfully approved. Adsense breeders do not realize that when they succeed in full approve they can actually add any verified site on the adsense board and disconnect from unverified livestock blog domains with the intention of being reused. This is to overcome the warning on the adsense dashboard about ADS.TXT problems that result in not appearing on the blog. As all adsense breeders know that the warning (ADS.TXT) will appear when releasing adsense from the livestock blog template without performing a blog unverified URL on the adsense dashboard & gt; setting & gt; My site, first. BlogTemplate blog template is a place to prove the finalization of adsense registration so that adsense can be accepted quickly. Use templates that are widely recommended by mastahs and don't hesitate to buy premium templates that have been recommendet. Recommendet theme features: - Fast loading- Mobile friendly- Responsive SEO- Clear Navigation Templates for listing adsenseResepta.com Template Templates are the last weapons for a blog can be accepted by google adsense. Make sure there are all the navigation mentioned above on the template dashboard so that adsense can be received quickly. When there is one navigation or error link in the template then you can be sure you will receive messages from adsense that contain sites and inadequate content. Many bloggers who have not succeeded in creating a new blog received by Adsense. This is due to the lack of totality of them such as seeking information and learning. Remember there is no instant even though I say less than 35 days, it could be even longer. The 35-day number is stated on the basis of the author's personal experience. One of the main things that make bloggers fail to get adsense is full approve the lack of original writing on the new blog. Until here, today's writing about effective ways to make a blog received by adsense. Hopefully useful and always struggling.

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